Gettin’ ready to hit the road and head into the great outdoors for some campin’ and ATV ridin’? Whether you’re about to cozy up in a tent or set up shop in your RV, we’ve got some tried-and-true tips to ensure your wilderness retreat at Elkhorn Creek Riders Retreat is as smooth as a fresh trail.

1. Plan Ahead: Know your campsite and know your trails. Choose a flat, shaded site that’s not too close to water, and always check the weather and trail conditions before you head out.

2. Pack Smart: Space can be tight in a tent or RV, so think about what you really need. Bring your basics – food, water, clothes, first aid kit, and don’t forget about your ATV gear – helmets, gloves, and a handy toolkit for any unexpected repairs.

3. Practice Makes Perfect: If you’re tent campin’, pitch your tent at home first. For the RV folks – ensure you’re familiar with hooking up your power, water, and septic systems. And for our ATV riders – always do a safety check on your vehicle before you hit the Hillbilly Trails.

4. Respect the Wilderness and the Trails: We’re guests in nature’s home and on her trails. Keep your campsite clean, don’t feed the wildlife, follow the “leave no trace” policy, and always stick to the designated ATV trails.

5. Food & Fuel Storage: Store your food properly in sealed containers and never leave it out – that goes for your ATV fuel, too. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up some marshmallows for the campfire.

6. Campfire & ATV Safety: Check if campfires are allowed, keep them small, and always fully extinguish them. When you’re on the trails, ride responsibly, stay in control, and never ride alone.

7. Get to Know the Area: Pike County is rich in beauty and history. Have a good map for your ATV rides and take some time to explore the surroundings.

8. Pack Entertainment: Bring along games, books, or fishing gear. And remember – exploring the trails on your ATV can be a thrill in itself!

9. Embrace the Community: Join in on communal firepit gatherings, swap stories of your trail adventures, and make friends.

10. Savor the Experience: Whether it’s the thrill of the ride, the serenity of the creek, or the stunning wilderness views from the top of the trails – these are the moments to remember.

Pack your gear, fasten your helmet, and rev up your sense of adventure. Here at Elkhorn Creek, we’re all about embracing the wilderness and the open trail. Can’t wait to see y’all! Happy campin’ and ridin’!