From the enchanting shores of Elkhorn Creek in Eastern Kentucky, a new haven of outdoor exploration and relaxation is emerging. With an estimated grand opening in Spring 2024, Elkhorn Creek Riders Retreat will soon offer an unparalleled blend of recreational opportunities and natural beauty. It’s not just a campground or an RV park – it’s a destination set to redefine what it means to escape into the great outdoors.

Located adjacent to the legendary Hillbilly ATV Trails, this soon-to-be haven for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts is nestled amongst the scenic beauty of the Appalachian and Pine Mountain ranges. Here, the rugged terrains call out to those yearning for adrenaline-filled ATV riding experiences. Days are primed for exploration, with every trail unveiling new breathtaking vistas or offering heart-pounding climbs and descents.

But it’s not just about the thrill of ATV rides. At Elkhorn Creek Riders Retreat, we understand the value of balance. And so, along with the excitement, the retreat provides space for serenity and relaxation. RV sites are meticulously designed to allow for stunning views of Elkhorn Creek and surrounding wilderness. For tent campers, sites are dispersed throughout the area, providing ample privacy and an immersive wilderness experience.

After a day on the trails or exploring Pike County’s rich historical sites, there’s nothing quite like returning to your comfortable site, starting a crackling campfire, and gazing at the stars appearing above the silhouettes of the mountains.

The retreat’s thoughtfully planned amenities are designed to elevate your camping experience. A convenient camp store will keep you stocked with essentials and a bit more, while our modern restrooms and showers will ensure comfort throughout your stay. And for the days you’d like to socialize, the communal fire pit is set to be the beating heart of the retreat – a place for shared stories, laughs, and maybe even a singalong or two under the starlit Kentucky sky.

As we build and prepare Elkhorn Creek Riders Retreat, we’re not just constructing a campground. We’re creating a community. A community that respects the environment, relishes the thrill of the trails, appreciates the calm of the wilderness, and values the shared memories made around a fire. We’re eagerly looking forward to welcoming you in Spring 2024. Be a part of this journey – the adventure awaits at Elkhorn Creek.